About us

Water is the underlying commodity of every goods or services www.waterfootprint.org.


About 80% wastewater remains untreated which endangers our health, planet and economy.


Prana is a sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality.
The meaning of Prana guides our actions to change untreated wastewater from a weapon of mass destruction to treated wastewater generating renewable energy, irrigation water, fertilizers, bio-cements …etc.


Our motto is to reuse effluents to produce:

  • What makes sense: more positive outcomes per drop;
  • Where it makes sense: treating wastewater where wastewater can be valued to save our life and business;
  • How it makes sense:
    • giving liquidity, transparency and branding to the investors by using futures markets mechanism,
    • choosing clean technologies generating and/or recovering the maximum resources,
    • rewarding the providers of organic wastewater.


Prana Sustainable Water designed a matching platform – the WasteWater Reuse Exchange, the W2AREX - to price transparently offers and demands of treated wastewater with forward delivery periods and to restore water resources as common good. The W2AREX organizes solvent markets for treated wastewater and consequently for scaling-up clean technologies. The leverage effects of secured prices for decentralized sanitation can solve simultaneously water, health, economic, environmental, energy and social issues.


WasteWAter Reuse EXchange