About us

Water is the underlying commodity of every goods or services www.waterfootprint.org.


80% wastewater remaining untreated endangers our health, planet and economy.


Prana is a sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality.
The meaning of Prana indicating "the primary and all round motion of Life Energy" guides our actions to change untreated wastewater from a weapon of mass destruction to treated wastewater generating renewable energy, irrigation water, fertilisers …etc….


Our motto is to incentivize responsible treated effluents use to produce:

  • What makes sense: linking commitments for productions/services to come with commoditized treated wastewater for Human Rights and according to final use e.g. for water footprints of functional food or with high nutritional value and according to water efficiency;
  • Where it makes sense: according to the impact and treated wastewater buffer stocks;
  • How it makes sense: reusing treated wastewater that otherwise is wasted and damages our life