The WasteWater Reuse Exchange

Water is the underlying and unavoidable input of every good and services: water is virtually the most traded goods in the world partial water footprints can come from treated wastewater to reduce the untreated wastewater's negative impacts.


Prana Sustainable Water financial instrument, Prana futures contracts wastewater treated as per Prana Sustainable Water guidelines, exchanged on the W2AREX can be considered as clean technologies and Sustainable Development Goals accelerator.   This enables everybody to value its wastewater resources and reduce costs and risks. Buffers stocks of commoditized treated effluents are set-up in order to reduce water price volatilities and for philanthropic purposes.


The WasteWater Reuse Exchange© matching platform is to secure and increase the transformation of wastewater into a clean water resource and/or for renewable energy procurements security.

Requests are treated confidentially.


The W2AREX is a transparent market matching and pricing commitments to buy or sell standardized treated wastewater. The purchases of treated wastewater can be done embedded as water footprint of some goods or services to avoid water transportation.