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Prana Sustainable Water creates markets for wastewater technologies.

You can position and advertise your machinery on our matching maps available for our members.

Thanks to the complementary partnership with Frost&Sullivan to evaluate leading-edge technologies to ensure cost-effective reuse, the members of Prana Sustainable Water are entitled to get discount on the following reports:


Water & Wastewater Reuse and Recycling Technologies

Technologies/Market   Title
Disinfection Systems   Global Water & Wastewater Disinfection System Market
Membrane Bioreactor Systems   Global MBR Systems Market
Membranes (Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Nano filtration)   CEO 360 Degree Perspective of the Membrane Opportunities in the Global Water Market
Filtration Systems   Global Water & Wastewater Filtration Systems Market
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries   Produced Water Market Analysis in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries
Water Treatment Systems Market   Commercial and Residential Point-of-Entry Water Treatment Systems Market
Membranes   Indian Market for Membrane Modules
India   Analysis of Packaged Wastewater Treatment Market in India
Shipping and stevedoring   Ballast water

Energy Generation from Wastewater Treatment

Technologies/Market   Title
Upward Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB)   Global Water Sector Outlook: Energy Generation from Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Sludge Digestion Systems   Global Sludge Treatment Systems Market and China Sludge Treatment Systems Market
Water//Energy nexus   Global Waste to Energy Plant Market

Industrial Water Reuse and Recycling in Water Intensive Industries

Technologies/Market   Title
Global Textile and Leather Industry   CEO Perspective on the Water & Wastewater Treatment in the Global Textile and Leather Industry

Non-Revenue Water Loss Management and the Smart Water Grid

Technologies/Market   Title
Smart Water Meters   European Smart Water Metering Systems Market
Smart Water Meters   Global Smart Water Grid
Global Smart Water Metering Market   Analysis of the Global Smart Water Metering Market