• People

    Create jobs and protect health

    Everybody can participate in the value chain of wastewater components recovery. New revenues create new jobs.

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  • Prevention


    If wastewater is reused; it releases freshwater availabilities and pressure on strategic resources

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  • Planet

    Benchmarking wastewater resources value to produce renewable energy, fertilizers, clean water, bio-cement …etc… in circular economy for a sustainable planet.

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  • Peace

    Matching and pricing transparently offers and demands of commoditized treated wastewater recycling capacities to reduce uncertainties and inequalities (increased access to sanitation).

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  • Philantropy

    In every transaction a part goes for either for buffer stocks of treated wastewater to cope with extreme events either for nature conservation and/or education.

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UNEP/UN Habitat wastewater definition

Treated domestic effluent consisting of black water (excreta, urine and faecal sludge) and greywater (kitchen and bathing wastewater), water from commercial establishments and institutions, including hospitals; industrial effluent, stormwater and other urban run-off; agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture effluent.